The Mars Endeavour

An Educational Lava Tube-Exploring RTS Game for the 2015 NASA Space Apps Challenge

This game may take a minute to download and start.

Winner of the 2015 NASA Space Apps - Kennedy Space Center Challenge

The Game

The Mars Endeavour: Lava Tubes is a educational real-time strategy game for both kids and adults that utilizes natural lava tubes formed from past volcanic activity on Mars. 10 astronauts and 5 rovers are at your disposal. Your mission? To explore the lava tubes, mine for iron ore and ice and build facilities so you can survive on Mars. You'll have limited energy and resources, unless you can find your own. But watch out for the unexpected - perils like dust storms and solar flares can threaten the success of your mission and your survival. How long can you survive on Mars? Play and find out.


You control five rovers that are outfitted with the same ChemCam technology on the real rover on Mars. ChemCam technology uses Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to detect what elements are contained in the rocks in the lava tubes. You can use the rovers to mine for both ice and ore to produce liquid water and facilities like Algae Gardens, Solar Panels and more.

You can learn more about gameplay and controls at our Project Wiki

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